Product - Charging Series


The Smart USB Multi-Charger Cart w/LAN (SUMK) series comprises of the tablet charging station core unit that can recharge the battery and manage the contents of multiple smart devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, Portable Batteries,…), Cabinet, and Cart to help you easily manage the charging devices in a clean, neat, and organize manner. This charging storage cart is suitable for iPads, iPhones, Android Smart Phones, Surface, and Battery Packs. Previously, each expansion requires purchase of additional cart unit which waste resources, space, and cash. With the Smart USB Multi-Charger Cart w/ LAN system, you can easily expand using our modular design to recharge recharge the battery and manage its content efficiently and cost effectively.

1. Remote Monitoring Infrastructure

2. Observe the charging condition of the entired network

3. Graphic viewing of all the charging devices status by IP address on one screen 

4. Tool to calculate power consumption and bettery health condition

5. Exportable historic data 

6. Plug & Display - Plug the charging device onto the USB connector, it auto-switches then displays the device charging current value

7. Provides both Autoscan and Manual port status display

8. LED display of each port's charging condition

9. Prioritize charging of devices that nearly completely discharged 

10. Protect against Current Overload

11. Portect against Thermo Overload

12. Multiple smart devices data SYNC platform

13. Adjustable rack shelf

14. Cable Management - Video: Routing the cables

15. Centralize

16. Compact and Study - Stackable

17. Modular Configuration - Easily add more components after initial purchase

18. Sturdy wheel, upto 200 kg load for dependable, long life.

Smart USB MultiCharger w/LAN Software Introduction

Assembling the Cart

Changing the Station ID on the Cart

Config the IP address

Cable Management - Video: Routing the cables